Why have a real Christmas tree - Harrogate

Why a Real Christmas Tree?

Firstly, picking a real Christmas tree is a very memorable experience - every one of the trees is different and unique so you can choose exactly the right tree for you and the room into which it will go.

Unlike when you choose a fake Christmas tree, you get to look at one which may be quite misleading to the one you remove from the box when you arrive home.

You'll only have that real Christmas tree smell with a real Christmas tree too!

It's good for the environment - in more ways than one

Not only are real Christmas trees classed as green waste (they are mulched up and made into compost) unlike fake trees that have to go into landfill - the trees while they are growing improve the atmosphere, are a home for birds and wildlife.

The Truth

When you buy a real Christmas tree, it is better for the local economy, agriculture, and the environment.

Real Christmas Trees Harrogate

British Christmas Tree Growers Association